The lastest pot technology from Aptus: PRECISION CULTIVATION SYSTEMS P-SERIES 57L This pot is much more than just a watering system. It has had many hours of R&D go into the design to bring you the perfect soil-less growing environment, all in one unit.


The system has stainless steel screw fittings for the perfect connection and pressurisation of the system, meaning your plants can get the most out of the unit. It has a specially designed honeycomb shaped structure to hold roots and maximise aeration.



The Patent pending Precision Cultivation Systems P-Series line of grow stations are entirely engineered, prototyped and manufactured in the United states of America. You can rest assured that all facets of our production are the highest quality and built to last.

This unique growing platform has been developed and refined over the past 20 years for the specific purpose of producing the best quality plant tissue possible.

This last statement was proven true the very first time the system was tested in open competition at the prestigious ‘Chalice Cup’ in California where the finished flowers won 5 major awards.



The PCS Spray system is a completely unique design utilizing patent pending geometrics spray technology. Each size PCS P-Series grow station comes with a corresponding spray system that is engineered specifically to suit that model.

The PCS spray system is manufactured to the highest standards possible using medical grade ABS plastic, 316 Marine grade stainless steel inserts and is ultrasonically welded to eliminate all inferior solvent based adhesives which prevents water leaks and allows for optimal higher pressures during operation using precise geometric and computational fluid dynamic calculations.

Each spray system when connected is designed to spray at multiple predetermined spray points across the entire growing media surface. This design gives you the ability to create a precise and even automatic irrigation method on a small or large commercial scale.



The PCS Grid allows root tissue to grow through it’s unique top layer and populate the oxygen rich void underneath the planting medium to develop a robust metabolism within the plant as well as being mathematically engineered to concentrate excess soil moisture away from the growing media.

The honeycomb design below provides root pocket compartmentalization which then prevents root spiraling and a higher number of root tips to increase nutrient uptake.

The patent pending PCS grid enables the ultimate conditions for optimum plant growth, incredible plant health and the largest yields with the highest levels of genetic expression possible.



The PCS core is the heart of the PCS P-Series range. This piece is built to proven tested specifications and constructed from a single mold of medical grade ABS plastic for strength, rigidity, UV resistance and to prevent chemical leaching into the growing substrate.

The PCS core is designed to last with a cylindrical load bearing design, low flex due to structural ribbing, Marine grade 316 stainless steel inserts and locks into the PCS base with our easy guide-lock and screw which ensures a correct installation every time.



The PCS Base incorporates a number of specific design features contributing to the overall award-winning function of the PCS P-Series range. This unique design allows for the main irrigation lines to be run through the center of the grow station and dual drainage lines to run in parallel large cut-outs in the sides of the PCS base, which allow for quick and easy access to manage irrigation connections.


Weight: 20Kg

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 60cm


SKU 4542

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