If you’re looking for a true health product that give your plants much-needed silica which is missing in most alternative hydroponic solutions.

Get it all and more with Budlink
• Increases weight and bulk
• Helps nutrient uptake
• Strengthens plants
• Improves disease resistance
• Improves cell wall integrity
• Offers heat stress protection
• Measures 150mm x 200mm x 300mm
• Available in 1 litre, 5 litres and 20 litres 


Previously, little was known about the effects of silica in hydroponics due to minimal research.

This has changed over recent years after key research found outstanding results when used in hydroponic solutions.

Budlink Silica is not a hormone, but a plant builder that improves plant strength and ability to fight against bacteria and insects.

When available in a constant supply, the active ingredients are embedded into the plant cell walls and improve cell integrity.

Add solution 1-3 ml per litre in the nutrient tank. Budlink is always used as a part C with all nutrients.

Use it at equal rates as it complements nutrient usage along the way and is in effect a nutrient itself.

The other elements in the product compensate for changes in nutrient uptake in the presence of silica.

This is something unique with Budlink and best results are obtained when used from early growth through to harvest
Ideal for hydroponic systems.


Brand Hy-Gen

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