3 Way Duct Connectors are junctions used to connect aluminium, insulated and black PVC ducting. The multi way joiners are pressed, rolled and joined poly extraction connectors. They come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit all your needs.

Duct Connectors are used to divert ducting, or air flow, to one or more grow spaces/tents. These are designed to give the least resistance to air movement, allowing for efficient extraction.

To connect duct onto them, use good quality gaffa tape or steel banded duct joiners - also available on our website.


The sizes are listed using the diameter of each connector.

For example: 150/200 x 150/200 x 200/250mm means:

2 sides are 150mm and 200mm (6 inch and 8 inch)

1 side is 200mm and 250mm (8 inch and 10 inch)

The biggest side is the best side to connect to an exhaust fan, with the smaller sides connecting to the grow spaces (area to be ventilated)

You can join ducting to either the 150mm flange, or on the same piece you can also join 200mm. If you're using the 200mm flange, you can cut off the smaller 150mm flange to increase airflow.



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