OPTIMUM – Twin pack hydroponic nutrient. Want optimum results? Choose OPTIMUM – the Original and still the Best!

Optimum is one of Australia’s first and most trusted hydroponic nutrient solutions - an Australian Classic and industry standard!

This complete and balanced twin pack formulation has been calculated to the highest possible standard of accuracy and is manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts. The inclusion of chelates ensures vital micronutrients remain available to the plant even during pH fluctuations.

Available in 2 distinct formulations, OPTIMUM supplies all the nutritional requirements for healthy plant growth.

OPTIMUM Grow is formulated to supply the needs of the plant during the vegetative stage of its growth cycle. High levels of nitrate-nitrogen encourage rapid leaf and shoot growth, maximizing the young plant’s potential to produce fruit and flowers later in its life.

OPTIMUM Bloom is dedicated to the flowering and fruiting stage of plant growth. The bloom formulation contains reduced levels of nitrogen and enhanced levels of phosphorous and potassium, the elements required for the initiation and development of buds and flowers.

Optimum is suitable for all types of hydroponic cultivation. It is especially recommended for NFT, Flood and Drain and recirculation systems containing perlite or clay.


SKU 4816
Brand Growth Technology

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