While HPS, Metal Halide, and LED lighting can provide effective lighting solutions and deliver plants the light energy needed for prolific vegetative growth, they also create a hostile working environment for the human eye. Humans see best under the balanced spectrum and light levels of natural daylight conditions. Grow room lighting produces extreme conditions of excess light, very unbalanced light from unique spectrum of each artificial grow light source (HPS, LED, MH) and dangerous UV radiation from UVA/UVB/UVC.

Sunglasses help reduce the excess light, but do nothing to help colour balance the stressful and eye fatiguing spectrums of indoor garden lighting. Cheap grow glasses offer some improvement here, but usually at a much lower optical quality than good sunglasses. Both might not protect from UVC radiation which is not a significant concern in natural sunlight due to absorption by the earth's atmosphere but which is a concern in the modern grow room.

Only Method Seven sunglasses provides definitive colour balancing with options for all common indoor lighting sources, exceptional clarity, and 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection. Don’t risk using sunglasses or cheap grow room glasses!

Many growers suffer through unnecessary stress, fatigue, decreased yield, and even permanent eye injury in their grow room experience from using sunglasses or cheaper knock-off grow room glasses. At best, even premium sunglasses decrease excess light in the grow room but do a horrible job of colour balancing in indoor lighting environments, leading not only to discomfort and stress but also to poor viewing and maintenance of your plants. Cheap grow room glasses do an OK to good job of color balancing, but typically have very poor optical quality and inadequate protection from UVC 

       The Cultivator Plus sunglasses are designed to provide the best optical quality possible for a synthetic lens, and to give exceptional value for those working under HID lighting. The lenses are polycarbonate, featuring Tri-Flection Methane Silver coatings for anti-reflection, glare reduction, and optimum UV protection rays.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Operator HPS Plus  Experience exceptional colour balancing for HPS (high pressure sodium) lighting with these proprietary lenses manufactured for Method Seven to exacting standards by Carl Zeiss Vision. The silver plus lens coating makes the Operator HPS Plus a good choice for outdoors too.               
       Operator LED  The world's first optics optimized for LED lighting environments.
Lenses manufactured to exacting standards and optical clarity for the most popular commercial LED grow lights. Change the way you grow! Color, Clarity, and Protection benefit you and your plants.


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