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Quality Hydroponic Supplies & Equipment in Melbourne

Before Simply Hydroponics was founded in the early '90s, the options for a gardener interested in using alternative or organic techniques was bleak at best. The notion of customer service hardly existed and there were very few products on the market, creating an environment where a customer had no choice but to pay whatever price they were given on whatever product they could find.

This environment led us to embark on a 25-year journey (and counting!!) to become what is now an unstoppable force known as Simply Hydroponics. This journey has manifested itself into a retail experience so immersive, customer-friendly and high quality that it now isn’t just a grow store, it is now a culture, a way of life.

Hydroponics specialists

The base of the Simply pyramid has always been the individual customer. Our goal is to help the customer be successful in their endeavours. A Simply store is designed to be a cultured retail space bursting with information, thus becoming a research and learning space and a focal point of Melbourne community involvement.

We wanted to build a model that would allow a customer of any growing level to have a helpful and positive experience. If every customer left the store with a useful piece of knowledge and experienced positive results with said information, our goal of a successful retail experience would be met.

We want your decision to shop here to be a choice you make because our store clearly offers you the most up to date information about the products you are searching for, while also offering you the widest selection of these products. From the very beginning, we have always strived to avoid becoming a one-brand store, thus giving you, our customer, the best variety we can muster.

Everything you need under one roof

Our staff have been hand-picked and tested, each is an expert in his or her own area of operation. To us, a customer willing to spend their hard-earned money with us is a privilege and one that we have to take seriously.

The loyalty of our customers is something we value tremendously and is a debt that we can only work hard at attempting to repay by offering unbeatable selection, pricing and helpful information. We continue to thank the loyalty of our customer base because without them, we would not exist.

Simply Hydroponics in Melbourne is not your average grow store. We are an expert grow store, a professional grow store, and we play on a different field – we are an absolutely unique resource to this industry. We provide skills, knowledge and a friendly ear. We have design services, great products and expert knowledge. Our ability to drastically change a grower’s options and outcomes is a total game-changer. Please do not hesitate to inquire how we might help you achieve your garden dreams.

Need Advice?

Our experienced team are always happy to help and can offer professional advice on a huge range of hydroponic products and techniques. From nutrients and lighting to grow tents and water pumps, we’ve got everything you need to make your project a success. Find out how we can improve your hydroponic garden today. Give our friendly team a call, or drop us an email.



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