Rapid FulviJooce


FulviJooce  is a balanced ratio of nutrient elements combined with humic and fulvic acids to maximize nutrient availability and transportability. It helps maintain a steady supply of nutrient elements by delivering them directly to the plant roots in an easily absorbable form. 


  • loaded with crucial elements
  •  soluble Fulvic and Humic acids with macro elements
  • delivers crucial plant nutrient directly to the roots
  • easy uptake healthy plants from root to tip


Suitable for all hydroponic systems. 



DIRECTIONS:    Always shake well before use.    Use throughout GROW and FLOWER cycles. 


GROW:   Use 50ml FulviJooce/100Ltr nutrient solution. 


FLOWER: Use 100ml FulviJooce/100Ltr nutrient solution. 


Foliar spray: 1ml FulviJooce/10Ltr water only as needed. 


 Avoid spraying under direct light. 



Brand Rapid Nutrient Solutions

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