Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust. It is now known to be crucial for ideal plant growth, health and production. Silicon in the soil isn't available (as various silicates). Plants can only absorb silicon as monosilicic acid (individual molecules). Orthosilicic acid is the stabilized form that transforms into monosilicic acid when mixed in water. Silicon chemistry is quite tricky so purity of ingredients and manufacturing quality are necessary to get a stable and effective product to you.


Faster Growth

When grown in an optimum, controlled environment, it becomes critical that plants are provided with a constant resupply of essential elements. Every second that nutrients are unavailable for uptake becomes detrimental to the growth rate. Silicic acid works in many ways to increase the transport and utilization of minerals, proteins and transport systems, thus creating a direct pathway to the plant to optimize nutrient uptake, resulting in much faster growth rate.

Tighter Node Spacing

Countless studies show silicic acid affecting plant structure, and the most reported and powerful feature of silicic acid is its ability to tighten node spacing. thus creating fuller and heavier flower clusters. Introducing Rapid Silicic acid to the nutrient solution will help build firmer, denser cells, and will help convert more nitrates into proteins, which also impacts node spacing and increases flowering sites.

Increased Nutrition

As silicon accrues in cell walls, it concentrates and hardens. The nutrient transport system (xylem/phloem) is strengthened and expanded, and the resulting cumulative sap pressure allows heavier nutrients like calcium move better through the plant.

Greater Yields

All plants accumulate silicon to some degree. Rice for example, up to 10% of dry weight! Flowering plants like tomatoes and cannabis closer to 2-3%. Since silicon is twice as heavy as nitrogen and almost 3 times heavier than carbon, a small amount of silicon contributes to large gains in yield.

Stress Resistance

Silicic acid is shown to establish powerful stress resistance factors when plants face tough conditions. It also helps with osmoregulation (water usage), making the plant more resistant to stresses like drought, heat, cold, and other environmental stresses.


   Value for money

Rapid Silicic acid is one of the most powerful additives on the market, the dilution rate is 0.1 ml per ltr of water. (1ml to 10ltrs) (10ml to 100ltrs)           


Brand Rapid Nutrient Solutions

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