The Divine Intervention of Saviour


To ensure your plants grow healthy and are resistant to diseases, invest in this effective disease control solution.

The clue is in the name of the Saviour, which acts as an armour and a well-needed friend to your plants.

• Treats and prevents nutrient deficiencies
• Revives and protects against heat stress and nutrient burn
• Reduces and can eliminate yellowing
• Invigorates drooping and wilting plants when root damage occurs

Giving your plants that divine intervention when they need it, promoting lush green and vigorous growth.  

Saviour is the ultimate choice in pest and disease control. Simply add directly to the nutrient tank or use as a foliar spray - avoid spraying under direct light.

  • To correct deficiencies, add to the tank at the rate of 5ml per litre and repeat weekly or as necessary.
  • When using as a preventative, add Saviour to the tank at a rate of 1ml per litre at every fill. 
  • Foliar spray - Apply 1ml per litre as necessary.


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