Plantastic Products - Sensa Spray - 30ml & 250ml


What does it do?

Scientific research in plant biochemistry has shown that even though the sexual expression of plant is genetically determined, the phenotypic expression (the plants observed characteristics or traits) is under hormonal control. The hormonal control, however, can be altered to a considerable degree by environmental factors, and the application of special chemicals (i.e. Sensa-Sprayâ„¢!).

Why is this important?

Because the fruit of your labor and the amount and quality of your yield is ultimately tied to the number of female (pistillate) flowers which you promote! Sensa-Sprayâ„¢ plant hormone will allow you to take that extra step to gain control over just how bountiful your crop will be.

Why does it work?

Sensa-Sprayâ„¢ plant hormone is not just another fertilizer for your crop. It is a hormonal stimulant which will incite your plants to produce supernormal levels of female hormones. This altered hormonal balance will exert a tremendous selectivity force towards the propagation of more female flowers. The results will be a redirection of your plants energy into enhanced bud formation, a suppression of vegetative growth (leaves and stems), an earlier, more uniform ripening, and a longer harvesting season due to earlier maturity. Thus, an increased recoverable yield for you!

Why is there an optimal time for its use?

Both the male and female flower bud primordia (bud tissue in its earliest recognizable stage of development) are sensitive to alteration of their programmed genetic “blueprint” during certain time-frames. If you apply Sensa-Spray™ plant hormone too soon, the plant will not be physiologically able to respond properly and little effect from your application will be seen.

If sprayed too late, male flowers are already locked into their development pathway as males. However, when sprayed at the right time, Sensa-Spray™ plant hormone will exert pressure on your male plants to produce female flowers. Of course it will not affect your female plants – they will be female anyway. Also, you will undoubtedly have some bisexual plants (both male and female flowers on the same plant), but who cares – you win both ways!


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