Wilma Dripper System

  • The Wilma dripper system is ideal for tents and small spaces. Great value and with a rock-solid reputation for reliably huge yields.
  • The Wilma uses a timer to drip nutrient solution into the tops of the system's pots at the same times every day, several times per day.
  • Any run-off drains back into the reservoir so roots don't rot. 
  • The Wilma reservoir holds between 30 and 180 Litres of nutrient solution - depending on which size Wilma you choose, so there's no need to visit your plants every day.

Choose a Wilma and you can get on with your life safe in the knowledge that your plants are thriving.

Perfect for growers who want to:

  • Grow 4 to 16 plants
  • Experiment with media - use with coco, soil, mixed or pebbles
  • Be able to move plants around under lights - the Wilma's pots can be lifted out of the system

In each nursing tray 4 pots of 25 litres can be placed. This way the plants have sufficient space to develop optimally. This Wilma growing system is light in weight and easy to move, and are very stable in the nursing area, allowing the plants to stay neatly upright, even when they have grown large. This Wilma growing system has been especially designed for the professional grower!

Each Wilma System comes complete with the following items:

Pots - different size and amount options


Reservior - size option

Water Pump


Assorted Plumbing to suit


Golden Rule: Use the correct dripper for the growing medium. When growing in clay pebbles, use the flood drippers. For more absorbent media – soil, coco, grow cubes, mapito – use the arrow drippers.

• If using clay pebbles treat the Wilma as a re-circulating hydroponic system and top up the tank every few days with half strength nutrient solution.

• If using an absorbent medium - like soil, coco or rockwool - treat the Wilma as a dripper system with a catchment tank. The aim is to minimise run off and top up the tank with full strength nutrient solution.

• Use a cleaning product, like Atami’s ATAclean, to prevent dripper blockage.

• Set feeds on a segmental timer: when plants are young start with 2x or 3x 15minute feeds a day when using clay pebbles. Set 1x or 2x 15minute feeds a day when using an absorbent medium. Increase the number of feed periods as plants mature.






Brand Wilma

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